The Top 5 Musical Trends on YouTube

Lying Down Corridos

Now they are not only common in places like Michoacán, Tejupilco, Sinaloa, Sonora, and Monterrey, among others.

Rather, the popularity of regional Mexican music is, I dare say, at a historic moment.

What is also surprising is that the musical genre crossed borders and ages; Well, it is common to see that both children and older adults listen to the songs of Featherweight, or some other similar artist.

For example, on social networks and especially on TikTok, it is common to find “trends” with the most popular songs of the moment, so it is not surprising that the “Double P” corridos are found in, at least, seven out of 10 videos.

It should be clarified that social networks are one thing and digital music platforms are another. But surprise! In both, they lead the “warlike” corridos.

According to a Google publication, the Top 5 music trends on YouTube are:

The song premiered two weeks ago and is still in the first position of musical trends, and it is not for less since it already exceeds 80 million reproductions.

The melody premiered on June 8 and has already accumulated more than 24 million views. The Featherweight phenomenon is taking over!

This position is not occupied by “Double P”, but it does stand out that it is a regional music song. It is important to mention that Grupo Firme has also occupied first place in musical trends on previous occasions.

It is the only position at the top that is not from the regional Mexican genre. The song premiered on June 9 and has more than six million views.

This song is a mixture of sounds, at first popera is heard and then “el flow lying down” enters. Six days after its premiere, it already has more than three million views.

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