Statues t mz z dlny Olbram Zoubek The town had it in 1988. It became an ornament around the Forest Spring. Only the material from which they are made did not withstand the local weather conditions, and the statues gradually began to disintegrate. This was the first time in 2007. Only the disintegration continued, and in July 2019 the town hall had to take a radical step, remove the statues from the pedestals and store them in a warehouse.

According to the expert restorer, the storage sculptures are degraded and a year without renovation would most likely have planted them last year, said the mayor of Marinske Lzn Martin Kalina. The town hall therefore decided to proceed with the renovation of the statues. In the end, it costs a million crowns.

The city originally had 260 thousand crowns in the budget, so the deputies had to raise this item for this year by a hundred million crowns, which some deputies thought was too much.

According to deputy Martin Hurajek, the city must try to obtain additional resources for financial repairs of the statues. By resolution, he succeeded in enforcing that: The city council instructed the city council to apply for individual subsidies Karlovy Vary region, the Ministry of Culture, or other institutions. According to the mayor, the current efforts to obtain funds from subsidies have not been completed.

In the first year, the deputy will have to set aside another approximately 250 thousand crowns for the completed repairs. The gilding alone costs 135 thousand crowns, because the restorer uses the same techniques as Olbram Zoubek in their creation.

This year, the statues will be transported to the restorer and all work related to the repair of the sculpture will be carried out. In the first year we will complete the restored restoration sculptures, painted and gilded, their transport back to Marinské Lázně and re-installation, the future of Zoubek’s mayor was described by the mayor Kalina.

Where with them

An unanswered question is whether the statues can be drilled in the original town near the Forest Spring. They are made of reinforced concrete, but were designed for the interior. Pavel Neas, head of the town hall’s environmental department, remarked at one of the councils.

Other sculptures by Olbram Zoubek, which once adorned the façade of the Villa Butterfly hotel, had a similar fate as the statues. But one of them fell on the sidewalk, nothing happened to anyone. The remaining five statues were therefore removed and saved.

We had protective boxes with cushions made for them so that they could be stored safely and no longer wasted, said Karel Kalivoda, general manager of the Czech hotel Ensana in the Czech Republic, which also includes Villa Butterfly. The company wants to have the sculptures repaired and re-exhibited them. This time, however, not in the exterior, but somewhere in the interior, the editor added. Renovation of these statues will not be a cheap affair either, according to a preliminary price, the repair of one of them can cost in the amount of 300 thousand crowns or more.

He gave the statues of Olbram Zoubek can be seen in the interior of the Villa Butterfly Hotel, which reopened on May 8 after two years of covidov’s foxes. The statue is located in the interior at Mary’s Spring.