The title of “Honorary Citizen of the Spassky District” was given to Yuri Markin and Alexander Shirokov

On July 30 Spassk celebrated City Day. One of the main events of the holiday was the awarding of the title of “Honorary Citizen of the Spassky District”. A red ribbon and a diploma are awarded to those who have worked especially hard in their native land and have done a lot for its inhabitants.

This year, the head of the district, the chairman of the regional Duma, Olga Venevtseva, presented honorary regalia to the director of the Oksky Reserve, Yuri Markin, and the director of the Izhevsk school, Alexander Shirokov.

Olga Venevtseva:

“The contribution of these people to the development of the Spassky District is significant. Yuri Markin, together with the staff of the reserve, do a great job of protecting the nature of our region. They popularize it not only at regional and all-Russian venues, but also abroad. Alexander Shirokov also glorifies our region. Astronomy has been taught in the Izhevsk school for a long time, when this was not done anywhere else. This is the first and only rural school that has an observatory. Her students achieve high success, win competitions, study at prestigious universities. I congratulate the new honorary citizens with a high rank and thank them for their work for the benefit of the beloved Spassky land.

The title “Honorary Citizen of the Spassky District” is awarded for life. Since 1998, thirty people have received significant regalia.

Yuri MarkinDirector of the Oksky Reserve:

“I was not born here, but life happened so that in 1974 I ended up in the Spassky district. Since then, my destiny has been closely connected with this land. I have been all over the former Soviet Union and abroad, but I always come back here. I am drawn to Spassky land, its unique nature and rich history. It is our regions that are the heart of Russia, where the country begins.”