WINNER made an appearance on the May 7 episode of the popular variety show JTBCKnowing Bros.‘. In this episode, the members talked about a big fight that happened between Song Mino Y jinwoo in the past. They revealed that the two almost ended up coming to blows.

It was when we were on a world tour. Mino and Jinwoo got into a fight. Mino’s hand came to bleedSeungyoon said.

At the end of the day, after finishing our concert abroad, we would always meet in Mino’s hotel room and have a drink together. That’s what we did then, and that’s what we did that day too“.

Seungyoon then revealed that they drank too much and that your agency YG-Entertainment He told them not to drink any more. However, the members didn’t know because they only told Song Mino, who didn’t tell them before getting drunk.

So, while the members were having fun drinking, Song Mino told them what YG Entertainment had said, and Jinwoo enraged suddenly hearing it. To this, Song Mino said:

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I couldn’t understand why he was so mad at me. i just told him [a los miembros] because our record company told me. So I raised my voice. But a little later, I hit the wall“.

I couldn’t hit his face, because his face is like the ‘national treasure’. She is also older than me, so I couldn’t“.

Hearing this, Jinwoo added that he no longer knows they fight So. However, he shared that he too was about to hit Mino during that time, but instead hit a wall. Song Mino then revealed how the classmates Seung-yoon Y seung-hoon prevented their fight from getting worse and said:

The fight was stopped in a unique way. Seungyoon burst into tears and started crying like a babymaking everyone laugh.