Many times we have seen this pair closer than ever, because although at the beginning of their union in bts they became very far from each other, for these times they are almost inseparable, like now, when it touches her buttocks.

jungkookthe youngest of the 7 members of BTS seems to be a very good friend of taehyung or (V) as many call it, and it is that for many years artists share exceptional moments that make more than one alert about whether Are they more than friends but can’t say anything?

Why can’t they say or do anything in front of the cameras?

In South Korea, (or well, in both Koreas) being Homosexual either BisexualIt is not very well seen, and it is nonsense because people should love whoever they want without limits, do good and nothing else, but in a country as conservative as Korea, unfortunately this is not very well seen.

For which reason we come to think that HYBE or BIG HIT themselves are in charge of preventing this from happening to their artists, but the fans have an eagle eye and see things where an ordinary person could not see.

That is the case for the following video, where in an elevator, jungkook he puts his hand to taehyung and it can be seen in the reflection, judge for yourself:

Fans go crazy for moments like these, let us know what you think in the comments below.