In recent days, the rumors of separation between the former Spanish footballer of the Barcelona Fc and his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti They have not stopped, and these have increased with the pangs that the Spaniard has for wanting to go to Miami, the place where his ex-partner, the Colombian singer Shakira, He will live with his two children. Sasha Y Milan.

In recent weeks Clara Chia Martí has ​​been seen to be very unhappy, sad, and serious, showing that she no longer feels happy with the soccer player, and that all the criticism received and the enormous media pressure that the media and social networks were affecting have exercised against it.

After various photos and evidence of the unhappiness of the 23-year-old, there are several Spanish media outlets that claim that Clara Chia Marti Y Pique recently ended. And another of the reasons, in addition to the pressure that the young woman is experiencing, would be Shakira.

And it is that for no one there is a doubt that everything got worse after the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’ and the soccer player signed the separation agreement, which stipulated that Shakira could go live in Miami with her children Sasha Y Milan.

This would have led Clara to become upset and disappointed, since Pique He also now has plans to go to Miami constantly to be able to see your children, so you would be looking for an apartment to live with your children when you go.

All these problems would have caused the collapse of Clara Chia, who no longer feels at all comfortable being suffocated by the media and various magazines in her country, which without a doubt along with the help of the paparazzi, they have not left her alone in the last five months.

And you, what do you think about this new controversy?

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