In the last hours, a famous user of the social network Twitter, has caused controversy by revealing the date on which, according to him, the King Charles III of the United Kingdom will lose life. The drama is accentuated because this same tweeter predicted the exact date on which the Queen isabel II he was going to leave this world.

On May 6, King Carlos III and his wife Camilla Parker, they were finally crowned as the new Kings of the United Kingdom. This historic event brought with it a great wave of comments on all social networks, which talked about the event and other things that caused a lot of controversy among the netizens.

One of them was the chilling prediction made by the user Logan Smith, known for predicting the date of death of Queen Elizabeth II and now he has wanted to do it with King Carlos III as well.

The date. “The king will die on March 28, 2026,” wrote the user of Twitter. However, this controversial statement made the social network suspend the bill for making such a chilling prediction about a person who is still alive.

However, your prediction It has gone viral all over the world. world, since he is not the only one who predicts that Carlos III will leave this world in this present decade.

However, the King Charles III continues to forge its path to be able to fulfill the desires it has to modernize the british Royalty, The same one that has lost a large number of followers in recent years.