The city can be used mainly for refugees who are now on the main road. They should stay in Troy, it will not be decided whether they have a year of mutual protection.

According to civic initiatives, hundreds of people of strong Roma origin live in undeclared conditions on the main road. wait to see if they have two citizenships, ie Ukrainian and Hungarian. If they have it, they are not entitled to temporary protection in the Czech Republic. The town was founded on the foundation of the Minister of the Interior, Vta Rakuan (STAN). On the plot between Povltavsk√° Street and the city ring road, the fire brigade set up ten tents, in which the people will be dormitories, and another ten tents, where there will be a land for the coordinators of the operation of the tent city, kitchen and dining room and a children’s corner.

The city is simplified as a plant of the Regional Assistance Center of Assistance of Ukraine (KACPU), and so people can get to it only through the assistance center, said Hofman. According to him, the individual course will not be mon. He did not say how the refugees who get into the bridge will be selected. According to civic initiatives, there are hundreds of them at the top.

In Troja, there are two police officers sent around the city, and the city police, they will keep an eye on security. Msteko is open all day, but the dog night from 22:00 to 6:00 will be closed for arrivals and departures.

Prague will face a large number of refugees and a lack of cities. The assistance center in Vysoany, which serves the metropolis and the Middle Ages, has handled around 88,000 refugees since the arrest of the Russian invasion at the end of the burrow. The mayor of the capital, Zdenk Hib (Pirti), called this week for the creation of a nationwide mechanism for divided refugees between regions. According to him, there are now more refugees from Ukraine in Prague per 1,000 inhabitants than in some other regions of the Czech Republic.