The teacher who invited Ivan Urgant to a lecture was fired from MGIMO. What is known about the scandal?

Deputy Dean of the Faculty of International Journalism MGIMO Yuri Kobaladze fired after he invited a TV presenter to a lecture Ivan Urgant. His students reported this on November 15.

Students claim that after the meeting with Urgant, the university asked the teacher to invite war correspondents to lectures. They ask the administration to return Kobaladze to work and intend to write a collective letter, but are afraid of expulsion.

On Kobaladze’s page on the MGIMO website indicatedthat he held the position of deputy dean and professor of the department of international journalism from 2014 to 2023 and was repeatedly recognized as the best specialist in working with the public and media according to the ratings of the Association of Managers and the Kommersant newspaper.

Photo: Alexander Kazakov / Kommersant

Upon learning of Kobalazde’s dismissal, Urgant on November 15 published in the Telegram channel there are screenshots with news about this and the caption “Oh, vaudeville, vaudeville…”.

The lecture took place back in October

Teacher Kobaladze invited Urgant to amuse the audience – his performance was free, claimed RT source at the university. He added that the dean’s office and the rector’s office were shocked to learn about the meeting from the Internet, since “it has nothing to do with journalism or teaching.” Kobaladze, in turn, stated, named nonsense of publishing about his involvement in Urgant’s invitation.

And what kind of problem is this – the arrival of anyone at the institute, that it has excited the public so much? You never know they’ll pull out some nonsense

Yuri Kobaladze

The MGIMO graduate, in a conversation with, stated that Kobaladze “always led entertaining people.” Students who want their teacher back toldthat thanks to him we met other famous people, including Irina Khakamada And Leonid Yakubovich.

The Urgant program stopped airing on Channel One

In February 2022, after the president’s decision Vladimir Putin about the beginning of a special military operation, Channel One changed broadcasting schedule – instead of the entertainment shows “Evening Urgant”, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, “Just the Same” and others, they began showing programs dedicated to the current agenda. Against this background, rumors appeared about the closure of the “Evening Urgant” program, but the TV channel denied this information and explained that it was working in information mode. However, the program did not return to air. in contrast from the show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

TV presenter’s father Andrey Urgant believes, that “Evening Urgant” was closed “just in case.” He stressed that the program did not contain calls to criticize the Armed Forces Russian Armed Forces or the government, but admitted that there were hints and light humor in it.

Photo: Sergey Pyatakov / RIA Novosti

Urgant was leaving Russia, but not forever

In March 2022, information appeared about the presenter’s departure from Russia. In response to this Urgant statedthat he went on vacation – March 25, father reported about the return of the TV presenter.

In the Kremlin don’t think Urgant is an enemy of the people. Moreover, according to the presidential press secretary Dmitry PeskovTV presenter is “a great patriot.” He added that “there is no need to slander people.”

I know Urgant very well, he is a great patriot. He may have his own point of view

Dmitry Peskov

In July 2022 became known about Urgant’s first public appearance after rumors of his departure – as a presenter at the ceremony of the Friends charity foundation, where the Procharity Intellectual Volunteering Award was presented. Judging by publications on social networks, Urgant travels around Russia and other countries, including on tour – his profile contains photographs from St. Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod, Almaty, Paris. Joint appearances with a journalist are also announced Vladimir Pozner V Dubai and on Cyprus.

In 2014, a professor was fired from MGIMO

Professors, Doctors of Historical Sciences Andrey Zubov fired from MGIMO after the publication on March 1, 2014 of his article about events in Crimea. The dismissal decision stated that he deliberately and repeatedly violated the charter, internal rules and regulations on the basic principles of corporate behavior of MGIMO.

The teacher’s dismissal caused a stir. The Labor Commission of the Presidential Council of Russia called the actions of the university illegal, after which Zubova restored in the position. He worked for several more months until the contract expired. Zubov’s contract was not extended for a new term.

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