The teacher seduced the student after the concert of the famous rapper

IN USA The teacher admitted that she seduced a senior student. About it reports Fox News.

Kelly Lindsay Limbaugh, 38, of Benton, Missouri, independently contacted her school superintendent and said she had sexual contact with a student in May. According to the woman, in April she attended the concert of the famous rapper Lil Wayne. There she drank, after which she wrote to the student on TikTok. From that moment on, they regularly corresponded and exchanged their naked photos.

In early May, the young man took the woman to a car wash. They began kissing, with the student “fondling the woman’s right breast” until she asked him to stop. Later, during a school field trip, Limbaugh made out with a student again and he “put his hand down the back of her pants.” The young man himself confirmed this information during interrogation.

The teen and Limbaugh said she was at his home and performed oral sex on him. The student also stated that on the same day they had consensual sexual intercourse, but the woman denies this. According to her, she had sex with the student only after he graduated from school in the summer.

The teacher was arrested on Tuesday, November 7, and charged with two criminal counts related to corruption of minors. However, despite the confessions, she rejected the official charges. The woman is currently in jail without the right to bail. A hearing on her request to set bail is scheduled for November 15.

Earlier in November, police arrested another Missouri teacher who had sex with a teenager twice. Moreover, 27-year-old Christine Rose Kirker, who was arrested, worked in the same school district as Limbaugh.

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