Joel Kellman from Sweden is trying to get to the puck in a match against Switzerland at the Swedish Hockey Games.
| photo: AP

In the time of 62:54, the defender Henrik Tömmernes decided, who also scored a pass in the match. Timo Meier did not prevent the Swiss from losing with a goal and assistance, and another striker, Nico Hischier, number one in the 2017 NHL draft, scored two passes.

The Swiss took the lead in the 9th minute, when in a four-on-four play, he overcame Högberg from the left circle with a shot on the closer Meier pole. Bertschy immediately passed the weakening, but the attempt at a bluff failed him against the Swedish goalkeeper.

Meier had another option and on the other hand he could equalize Wallmark. The Swiss increased five seconds before the end of the first period at Lang’s disqualification, when Moser’s point shot ended behind Högberg.

The Swedes rejoiced for the first time in the 48th minute, when Tömmernes passed for the left circle to Marti’s expulsion to Bemström, who overcame Berra. At 52:11, when Ambühl was eliminated, Ekman-Larsson hit the blue line and forced an extra time. At the beginning of the setup, Meier and Wallmark, on the other hand, did not change the escape. In the end, Kellman Tömmernes passed on the pass and decided.

Euro Hockey Tour

7. 5. 2022 16:00

47:04 Bemström (Tömmernes)
52:11 Ekman-Larsson (Karlsson)
62:54 Tömmernes (Kellman, Asplund)

08:20 Meier (Hischier)
19:55 J. Moser (Meier, Hischier)

Högberg (Hellberg) – Ekman-Larsson, Pudas, Tömmernes (A), Folin, Lindholm, J. Pettersson, Roos – Nordström (C), Wallmark (A), Bemström – Asplund, Kellman, Friberg – Berggren, A. Bengtsson, Karlsson – Söderblom, Aman, Lang.

Berra (Aeschlimann) – Fora (C), J. Moser, Loeffel, Marti, Glauser, Kukan, Egli – Riat, Hischier, Meier – Bertschy, Thürkauf, Scherwey (A) – Ambühl (A), Corvi, Rod – Eggenberger, Heim, Miranda – Künzle.

Referee: Oldrich Hejduk, Daniel Prazak – Daniel Persson, Andreas Svensson

Number of spectators: 9002

Swedish Games table

1. Czechia 2 2 0 0 0 5: 2 6
2. Switzerland 2 1 0 1 0 5: 5 4
3. Sweden 2 0 1 0 1 4: 4 2
4. Finland 2 0 0 0 2 3: 6 0