The suspect in the rape of a girl in the Urals served in the Wagner PMC

One of the suspects in the rape of a girl in Beloyarsky Sverdlovsk region served in the private military company (PMC) Wagner. About it told to the Ural portal the mother of the wanted man.

The Russian woman noted that her son went on a special operation from the colony where he was serving his sentence. In 2016, he went to jail for entering the territory of the enterprise in Severouralsk, tied the watchman with a cord and hit a bystander on the head with the barrel of a gun. After that, he fled the crime scene.

“He returned from the PMC on May 1 and served there for six months. You know, from childhood he was a very kind boy, he didn’t even hurt girls,” said the mother of the wanted man.

The woman noted that the last time her son contacted her was two days ago. A resident of the Urals was told by her daughter-in-law that the man was suspected of a brutal crime. “After that she went to the maternity hospital, she is giving birth to her third child now,” the pensioner explained.

Sverdlovsk police also began looking for another participant in the crime, who is associated with PMCs.

Previously became knownthat in the village of Beloyarsky, rapists violated a girl, and then stole two cell phones, money and a gold bracelet from her.

January 10 reportedwhat in Khabarovsk Territory A criminal who kidnapped and raped the girls was detained.

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