The surprising reason why Prince William prohibits his photos from being taken with Kate Middleton

An expert on British royalty has revealed that Prince William has placed a ban on photos being taken with his wife, Princess of Wales Kate Middleton. However, what has attracted even more attention is the surprising reason why the future monarch made that decision.

Despite the fact that in the vast majority of the photographs in which the Princes of Wales appear together, they can be seen very smiling, a royal expert has revealed that the son of King Carlos III actually forbids them to take photos of him together to your wife.

The surprising reason has to do with the great influence that Kate Middleton has gained and that has caught the attention of numerous media, who always want a photograph with her best pose, but often end up cutting her husband, and that presumably makes him feel bad and uncomfortable.

“All I can say is that William is a bit annoyed when photos of his wife come up and crop out of the pictures. When they work together, he would like to be photographed together, as a team, said royal expert Hannah Fernando. “

“Kate has no intention of upstaged him. But she’s standing out because she’s really brilliant,” added the “Woman and Home” editor.

In this way, it is possible to know the surprising reason why Prince William prohibits photographs of him with Kate Middleton. However, as mentioned above, this prohibition is not followed much, and it seems that they know it too.

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