During the coronation ceremony of King Carlos III and Queen Camilla Parker, some people and witnesses of this event realized that Kate Middleton It carried some hidden and mysterious details, but in the end they were very significant.

The coronation ceremony held last May 6th where he was crowned King Charles III and the queen Camilla Parkerwas a historical fact, since the people of the United Kingdom returned to witness a coronation after 70 years when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned. This has been one of the biggest events so far in 2023 and for that reason the eyes of the world were on the coronation, in the same way some guests and attendees also used this event to show off their beautiful and unique outfits. as did some of the important guests.

According to the website of Daily Mailit was expressed that Kate Middleton was one of the most striking for the great outfit of her favorite designer, alexander mcqueensince the Wale’s princess was seen by observers who noticed some details that Kate was wearing during the ceremonyand they were very excited by the kind of tribute that the princess paid.

The Daily Mail commented that in the official coronation photos Kate Middleton used “George VI’s scallop necklace given to Queen Elizabeth IIwhich was one of the late queen’s favorite necklaces, and it was said that the queen marygrandmother of Isabel II, also made use of this historic piece in relevant events.

All the media that noticed this detail were waiting for Kate Middleton to use it again on coronation day, but the necklace was never seen in her outfits, perhaps out of respect and its meaning.