The stylist revealed ways for Russian women to look fashionable in the fall

Stylist Maria Ababkova revealed ways for Russian women to look fashionable in the fall. The corresponding comment is published by the portal “Now attention!”.

First of all, the expert advised choosing wardrobe items in deep, rich and dark shades, since they can be combined with each other. At the same time, she encouraged her to complement her look with knitted hats and scarves. “Leather berets are great, all sorts of stories with bags that are larger in size and darker are popular,” she said.

In addition, Ababkova emphasized that it is important to adhere to the chosen style direction in clothing. “Accessories will depend on the style you want to dress yourself in. If it is some kind of casual, then there will be knitted beanie hats, cozy warm large scarves, and a large comfortable bag. If this is a more feminine style, there may also be berets, neat knitted scarves, stoles, scarves. If this is a more fashionable fashion style, then it could be some kind of balaclava and glasses,” the specialist concluded.

Earlier in November, Russian designer listed forever fashionable winter things. First of all, the specialist named a straight-cut coat in beige, mustard, light pink or dark blue shades.

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