The stylist listed ways for Russians to maintain hair quality in autumn and winter

Stylist Pavel Okhapkin listed ways for Russians to maintain hair quality in the fall and winter. The relevant material is published “”.

“During the cold season, the hair and scalp are subject to stress, as is the entire human body. Sudden changes in temperature – on the one hand, sub-zero weather outside the window, on the other, heating in the car – dry out the hair, as a result of which it becomes electrified and looks lifeless,” the expert explained, advising wearing hats to avoid the listed problems with curls.

In addition, the specialist noted the need to regularly trim the ends of the hair. In addition, Okhapkin emphasized that you should not go outside immediately after blow-drying, since it is important to let your hair cool. In addition, the publication’s interlocutor reminded about careful hair care at home.

“During the cold season, switch to nourishing products for damaged hair. The lipid complexes in their composition perfectly fill the scaly layer and protect the hair from the harmful effects of the environment. As a result, the hair will become smooth, shiny and more manageable,” the stylist said.

In conclusion, Okhapkin said that you also need to pay special attention to the scalp, as well as use sebum-regulating shampoos and serums.

Earlier in November, Russians revealed the danger of the popular TikTok trend of rarely washing your hair. Cosmetologist Kristina Radina stated that refusal of the procedure for a long time causes dandruff and baldness.

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