The scandalous past of the British royal family continues to make people talk. Now, details have been revealed about the causes that led to the break between the prince harry and Meghan Markle with the Crown. According to sources close to royalty, one of the main reasons for the rejection of the Duchess of Sussex by the royal family was her past as a Hollywood actress and her lifestyle, which was not consistent with the image that is intended. display from Windsor House.

Even though he prince harry fell deeply in love with the actress, the hostile environment and disagreements with members of royalty led the couple to make the decision to move away from the Crown and live in the United States. However, criticism of Meghan Markle They did not stop, and from the royal family they have assured that the duchess would be obsessed with money and ostentation, seeking a luxurious lifestyle and little in keeping with the obligations of royalty.

These accusations reveal one of the strongest conflicts between the members of the royal family and one that can hardly be saved if the royal family continues to represent a traditional lifestyle. Meghan Markle It is shown as a modern and self-confident woman, who seeks to fend for herself and not be subject to the ties of royalty and for this reason it was difficult to get used to the royal lifestyle.

The break between the prince harry and the crown is one of the biggest scandals in the British royal family, and although the couple has already started a new life in the United States, the tensions and criticism of the Duchess of Sussex seem to have not ceased.