Pilsen defeated Hradec Krlov on Wednesday in the 4th round of the superstructure, and after the invasion of Slavia in Ostrava, they did not have a long jump before the weather.

What led her to the title?

Vhry o gl. Eight 2: 1, 7: 1 and once 3: 2. Plzet liked the victory for a single gl. They scolded the soup, competitors and their fans. No, it wasn’t bad. estnct vher out of a total of twenty was about gl.

It is valuable when not so much, but pesto is won. It turns out, t t m m character, vli, never give up, to coach Michal Blek.

As soon as he got the dark in the lead, he rubbed it, adapted the game and seldom let him go. It just happened that when he led, he didn’t win. In Spart and in Ostrava he scored a two-goal goal, in Olomouc it was 1: 1.

This is how Plze plays, a goal win, said Miroslav Koubek from Hradec Králové after a special duel.

Vra, vle, sla tmu. When they got a penalty in a penalty match for the first place in Slavia earlier this week, Plzet was able to equalize in the last few seconds. This indicates a character of darkness that will never give up, even though it seems to be full on the bottom. Potla disappoints and gets up.

During the spring, Plze even drove against Slavia from an unfavorable state. Even at home, she was the first to collect in the 48th minute, she was a mustard hormone, but she got out of trouble and leveled a quarter of an hour before the end.

And the first 1: 1 draw hit the first kiln before Slavi. If they hit the leadership of the leadership, they would be three points ahead of Pilsen before the 4th round, and in the event of a game in Ostrava, they would have the title.

that she is durable and nothing has broken her, Plze showed even in her waists, she turned them around. On Bohemians, with Slovakia, with Budjovice, in Zln. At home against Zln, she then gave glz in 85 minutes.

Season without Europe. At first glance, such a painful and early departure from European disasters seemed like a critical step. Especially for Pilsen financially known uncertain times.

How will this affect the whole club? That’s not a question for me, coach Blek swirled, as his team in the Conference League lost a 2-0 victory in the first match, and after a 0-0 win in retaliation, they lost in a twisted round with the Bulgarian Sofia. It is the worst slap for us in the longest season, watched Ludk Pernica. If he …

Number of contest over the current season

Slavia – 53
Sparta – 50
Plze – 42
Slovakia – 40

Plzen came together in the seeming moment. Like driving so many seasons.

In addition, the free program succeeded compared to Slavi and Sparta, competitors in the fight for the table. Vzy Plze, which also dropped out of the home cup, has played eight and eleven times since summer, not Sparta with Slavi.

That’s why you faced a stable and compact kdrem. Kou Blek used a dozen footballers for at least a minute in the leagues of the seasons;

The strongest defense.The criticisms for someone mon nevbnmu and sometimes and very defensive style of football resisted throughout the season with the Greeks. After April, you will be home to Slavi, thanks to which Plze hit the first place in the table.

Those of you who are passive, who is again responsible for the defensive, tried to slap.

Under Blk’s leadership, the team was able to adapt to the emulus at any time throughout the season. He taught pragmatism, he perfected election: We go to every place with different wheels. Otherwise we play against Slavia, otherwise against Spart.

It has always been the case that a good defense is a foundation for Pilsen. In the wreckage of the home competition, Victoria never collected more than two goals, lost only two duels together, and from August to May, unlike Slavia, she did not face such a deadly failure.

Nejt 잚 moment? jnov porka 0: 2 in Eden, where Plze finished after those ervench cards with only eight games. She didn’t score a bag or gave her a duel, she lost the double goal to the Bank and only drew 2: 2.

When needed, he puts his feet on his shoulders in the dark and has the dog hit back to block the stele. That sums up, we dig for each other. Somewhere it wasn’t two, but from the dark day it was abnormal. We don’t want to get that gl. And there is someone small or big, let’s all fall into the stands, we fight, described Captain Hej Hejda, who won his six championship title – only five of them have a history of the Czech league. And the darkness in the current round in the league did not collect me in Pilsen.

Glman Stank, who made it to the national team during the season, is the best in the league with tinteen certain accounts.

Best hitch rival. Defeat against Hradec Krlov, defeat in autumn in Slavia. Otherwise pt remz adeset vher. I have the best balance in the opponent’s stadiums, which is why the round is an ampion before the end.

And she started with Hradec on a neutral hit in Mlada Boleslav, which the newcomer for the home team will fight. When she played there for the second time in the middle, she didn’t stop.

Lost outside

Slavia 0: 2
Hradec 0: 1
Sparta 2: 2
Ostrava 2: 2
Jablonec 0: 0
Olomouc 1: 1
Slavia 1: 1

She also managed a duel in Slovakia, where she only scored in Slavia and Ostrava. Unlike slvist, she did not shy away in Budjovice, Liberec and Karviná. Plus point is from Sparta.

We won one of the best routes in Mlada Boleslav. We had the game under control since the arrest, we combined for a while, we rubbed m.

At home, Plze lost only three points in a draw with Olomouc and Slavi, she won fifteen. Slavia is similar, she succumbed to the descending Karvin and drew first with Pilsen.