He prince harry and his wife, Meghan Marklehave recently been expelled from Frogmore Cottage, their former home in the UK, by order of the King Charles III.

According to sources close to royalty, this decision was made after Harry attacked Queen Consort Camilla Parker in his book of revelations called “Spare”, where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed a huge number of secrets of the royal family.

In his book, the prince harry spoke of the fears that he and his brother, the prince williamthey had Camilla become a “wicked stepmother”. I also accuse Camilla of planning everything so she can marry Carlos and become Queen, but something more serious is that Harry accused her of leaking information from the members of the royal family to the press, for this reason Harry described her in several interviews as “the villainess”.

According to newspaper sourcesMirror“, he king charles he was outraged by Harry’s accusations and that he had crossed the wrong line. The source said Carlos was totally pissed off by the accusation that Camilla had concocted a plan so she could marry him.

The source claimed that this would have been the “last straw” for the King, who considered this accusation as a lack of respect towards the royal family. The expulsion of the Dukes of Sussex of Frogmore Cottage is a clear sign that British royalty will not tolerate betrayal by its members.