Kate Middleton and the prince william they are very aware of how important their children’s education is, so it is known that all the actions carried out by the couple to educate and care for their children have already been studied. The Dukes of Wales follow a strict breeding regulation in which they have made several rules that must be respected or else they could have some consequences.

A source close to royalty revealed that Kate Middleton and the prince william They have a very strict rule for their three children, which are: George, Charlotte and louis. Which completely prevents them from screaming in the house.

The consequences for breaking this rule are not bad at all, since the source revealed that when their children break it, they take the son or daughter away from the place and thus be able to talk to him so that he finds out that his behavior is being inappropriate.

They are led away from the scene of the fight and either Kate or William talk to them calmly.

An expert on the subject of education told the media outlet “the sun” that Kate middleton and the The prince William they want to focus their children on creativity and encourage them to do crafts or spend time outdoors.

For this reason, although the rule seems a bit extreme, it is known that they are very loving and understanding parents with their children, thus seeking the development and well-being of their three children.