On May 10, a forest broke out on a section of the Serov highway in front of Nevyansk. The flames spread along the road for several kilometers ahead, and its spread was helped by dry weather and gusty winds. The line of fire went deep into the forest, a little more, and she would have reached the pine forest. By a happy coincidence, Tagil residents, employees of Avialesookhrana, were passing by. They called rescuers and rushed to put out the open fires.

Pavel Salakhov was one of the volunteers who found themselves at the forest fire at that moment. He serves in the Air Forest Guard, and in his spare time helps fight fires as a volunteer. On May 10, on his day off, Pavel, together with a colleague, participated in the elimination of peat fires in Berezovsky. Returning to Nizhny Tagil, at 77 km of the route Yekaterinburg – Nizhny Tagil – Serov noticed a glow in the forest. Stopping and examining the scale of the natural disaster, he suggested that it was arson.

“Tires were on fire. Most likely it was arson. Tires were scattered from each other at the same distance, and by the time of burning they were set on fire at the same time, ”says Pavel Salakhov.

The man called for help from the garrison of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. But he couldn’t help but watch the flames spread. Together with a colleague, he tried to put out open fires with the help of improvised means.

“I definitely can’t get past this, because this is directly my professional duty. The employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations began to work with us. We have not waited for localization and liquidation. There was a lot of work there and all this is not fast, in the depths of the forest the fire already needs to be extinguished with the help of a knapsack, it cannot be extinguished from the car, ”he says.

The most terrible thing is that what happened near Nevyansk and other cities of the Sverdlovsk region is the work of man, ascertain volunteer rescuers. Thanks to the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, an even greater disaster was avoided: if the fire had reached the pine forest, the consequences could have been much worse.

Over the last days in Nizhny Tagil and its environs burned down 30 hectares of forest, and throughout the Sverdlovsk region – 1,500 hectares. The region has a special fire regime. Any use of open fire is prohibited – from burning garbage and grass to cooking barbecue. Violators face fines, and if a fire breaks out through the fault of pyromaniacs, the story can turn into a criminal case.

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