Grandfather Sasha is not shocked at all. Rather, on the contrary, the pensioner beats all records in the field of communication between people with all sorts of physical phenomena. A resident of one of the villages of the Lebedyansky district of the Lipetsk region, Alexander Ivanovich IGNATOV (by the way, a professional carpenter) handles electrical appliances to the envy of any electrician …

The person who is not shocked

His wife Alexandra Matveevna, with whom he lived for 43 years, is still afraid of the possibilities of her husband:

– He is repairing something by electricity, so he calls me, they say, come here, mother, do not be afraid. How can I not be afraid? I always go to another room and watch from there how an old TV or a table lamp is being repaired …

The young carpenter Ignatov discovered his phenomenal abilities back in Moscow in the 50s, when he worked at a construction site:

– We sat during a smoke break next to bare wires with a voltage of 5 thousand volts. I wanted to take it, the hand itself reached out, grabbed it – nothing …

And so it went – let’s go. The watchman got used to communicating on “you” with electricity, and he was not going to change his profession. Until now, the grandfather shows tricks for an encore: he inserts an extension cord into the socket, sticks two nails into it, to which he attaches the bare wires going to the table lamp with his fingers.

The lamp shines, the grandfather holds on to the wires under current, and even jokes:

– Oh, something is hot today, already the heat went through the body …

He repeats the same trick with the boiler. Moreover, Alexander Ivanovich considers the current passing through the wires that are held by grandfather’s fingers to be special, healing.

– Water boiled in this way receives a special charge – I know for sure. It becomes healing, such water can be drunk from all diseases, because I gave her my own biofield …

For healing water, charged in such an unusual way, people go from all the surrounding villages. Many say it helps. The healer himself believes that his biofield relieves many diseases. This, of course, cannot be verified. Well, the fact that grandfather easily communicates with live wires, we saw with our own eyes.

In the event of some accidents at nearby factories, Alexander Ivanovich is called to help: who else can fearlessly take on the wires under current?

“The current cannot kill me,” the pensioner boasts, holding his hands on the wires and humming like a transformer.

We measured the resistance of the grandfather’s body with a special tester, then our own. Almost the same results were obtained – about 350 – 340 kilo-ohms. Only now they did not dare to repeat the experience.

“Don’t you dare,” said the owner. – Many tried, but after electric shocks they scattered into different corners …

They didn’t even try. We drank charged water and went, scratching our heads, back home. And the pensioner, who never became an electrician, looked after him, lightly rubbing his fingers, which had just held the bare wires.

Expert comment

For a comment about the phenomenon, we turned to experts. The chief doctor of the regional burn center Konstantin LOKATOSH was discouraged:

“Did you see all this yourself?” Ah, we saw… A person is a kind of capacitor, in whose body processes associated with electrochemical phenomena take place… But what is the matter in this case, I cannot say. Although many people with electrical injuries are treated in our burn center. The current is very dangerous for the body.

Associate Professor of the Department of Normal Physiology of the Voronezh Medical Academy Anatoly SERGIENKO explained this phenomenon as follows:

This case is, of course, rare, but not unique. It’s all about this man’s skin. Apparently, he has it very dry, so it has some kind of special increased resistance. This is the structure of the epidermis – the upper layer of the skin of this person. He takes hold of the bare wires, as if wearing rubber gloves, the functions of which are performed by his specific skin. But even she is not able to withstand any stress.