The Investigative Committee removed the status of material evidence from the house of Basevich on Bolshaya Pushkarskaya Street in a criminal case on abuse of office by the St. Petersburg Committee for State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments (KGIOP). It is reported “Fontanka” and “Business Petersburg”.

Case against KGIOP back in June excited on behalf of the head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin.

Details. The State Construction Supervision Authority said that the status of material evidence was removed from the house, since the developer Setl City submitted the necessary documents on cultural heritage sites, as well as the conclusions of the KGIOP.

The developer is now unable to begin the renovation, which includes the removal of roofing and brick walls up to the fifth floor, due to judicial pre-protection measures against the building. They are operateas the city defenders dispute the conclusion of KGIOP on the possibility of reconstructing the house.

What you need to know. “Paper” told details of the conflict around the house of Basevich. The building is planned to be reconstructed into a hostel for the Boris Eifman Dance Academy and the Academic Ballet Theatre. The demolition was actively opposed by city defenders.

The Basiewicz house survived three fires in May 2021 and another in 2020. The activists linked the fires to an attempt to put pressure on those who are fighting to save the house, and sent statements about the crime to the Investigative Committee and the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg.

In October, the Investigative Committee banned the demolition of Basevych’s house and recognized the building as material evidence in a criminal case against KGIOP officials. According to investigators, they issued conclusions, according to which the historical buildings were not located on the territory of cultural heritage sites.

What else to read:

  • Appeared a new project of dormitories of the Boris Eifman Dance Academy in the house of Basevich. Most of the building is still being demolished.
  • On the defenders of the house of Basevich amounted to protocols. They held pickets outside the building.