The statue of the Virgin Mary began to cry in front of believers

In the Mexican city of El Chanal, believers noticed tears running down the face of a statue of the Virgin Mary in a Catholic church. About it reports Metro edition.

Hundreds of people come to the temple, wanting to see the “miracle” with their own eyes. Locals believe the statue began to cry because of a surge in violent crime in the Mexican state of Colima, where the city is located.

Italian researcher and popularizer of science Luigi Garlaschelli, who in the past verified the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin, offered a more rational explanation. According to him, statues made from some materials absorb water very well.

You need a hollow statue made of plaster or ceramic with a waterproof coating on the outside. If you fill it with water through an inconspicuous hole on top, the porous material will absorb it, and the outer layer will prevent it from flowing out. However, if you make even a small scratch on the protective coating in the area of ​​​​the tear ducts, then water will flow out, as if it were tears

Luigi Garlaschelli

Previously reportedwhat in India Thousands of believers flocked to the city of Lucknow to see the statue of Shiva, who could “drink” milk. A science professor from Lucknow University attributed this phenomenon to the porosity of the stone from which the statues are made.

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