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According to the ministry, the rates of experts and interpreters are long-term undervalued. Until January 2021, when the company acquired the first rights to expert, interpreting and publishing services, hourly wages were 100 and 350 crowns.

Originally, it was rumored that the bonuses would increase significantly last year, and one hundred experts pointed out that the approved amount of 300 and 450 crowns was completely insufficient. According to the Ministry, however, it was not possible to take into account the fact that the national budget was affected by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

In January of this year, the government of Petr Fiala (ODS) committed to revising the system of refusal of experts and interpreters. She took into account, among other things, the fact that the law imposes new demands on experts, for example, regarding the mandatory professional insurance, and thus increased their costs, that is, the procurement of appropriate technical equipment and equipment.

Setting the hourly rate of an expert at 800 and 1000 crowns is intended to make the expert profession more attractive and contribute to the fact that experts are available to the state and do not give priority to commercial assessments, for which they can agree on the price contractually with the client. Experts should provide you with information from 100% for assessments commissioned from January 1 of the following year.

An invited paid interpreter and translator has a similar approach to having enough expert poets available in all the necessary languages. The new proposal also differentiates the remuneration of interpreters and composers, because the interpreter activity is paid as an investment.

The Ministry has estimated that, after the change, spending on education will increase by roughly 620 million crowns to a total of 1.1 billion crowns compared to last year. Investments in interpreters and experts will increase by approximately 99 million crowns compared to the previous 130 million crowns. It should be you, because covid-19 and the crime rate associated with it could also affect the demand for expert, interpreting and translation services.