The State Duma warned about the risk of loss of Euro-Atlantic unity

Events in the Middle East could ricochet Euro-Atlantic unity, the head said State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky in Telegram-channel.

According to him, management France And Germanycontrary to the calls of the citizens of these countries to stop the humanitarian catastrophe in Gazabroadcast the approach Washington to this conflict. The expert noted that the streets of Western cities were filled with mass protests calling to stop the death of civilians in Gaza.

“The leaders of France and Germany, contrary to the opinions of their own citizens, are again showing themselves to be vassals (if not parrots) USAbroadcasting Washington’s approaches to the Arab-Israeli conflict,” Slutsky emphasized.

He added that the same situation arose in relation to Ukraine. “Events in the Middle East could have a painful ricochet impact on Euro-Atlantic unity,” he warned about the risks of losing Euro-Atlantic unity.

Previously head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell excluded Ukraine’s victory over Russia in the near future.

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