The State Duma responded to the words of the former NATO commander in chief about the end of the conflict in Ukraine

The idea is to end the conflict Ukraine According to the Korean scenario, it is a trap, the deputy believes State Duma from the Crimean region Mikhail Sheremet. The politician quotes words RIA News.

This is how the parliamentarian reacted to the words of the former commander-in-chief NATOAdmiral of the Navy USA retired James Stavridiswhich statedthat Ukraine “will have to, at least for the time being, accept” that Crimea returned to the squad Russia. He suggested that the Ukrainian conflict would be reduced to a frozen one, as was the case with the Korean War.

“Their actions under the guise of a peaceful resolution of the conflict are a trap. And it is connected with resource depletion and the redistribution of forces and funds to solve more important problems,” the deputy believes.

According to him, Russia has learned from the mistakes associated with the results of open interaction with the West. Europe and the United States want to freeze the conflict in Ukraine to “turn it into a time bomb, capable of detonating at any moment with the snap of their fingers,” he said.

Previously The Atlantic wrotethat the West believes that the conflict in Ukraine can be resolved according to the Korean scenario with the organization of NATO military bases in the country. They would like to freeze the borders of the current front line, and the rest of Ukraine, like South Koreaprotected by American security guarantees and even US bases.

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