The State Duma responded to the call to infringe on the rights of Russians in Ukraine

Law enforcement officers need to pay attention to the speaker’s words Verkhovna Rada Ruslana Stefanchukwho called for the infringement of the rights of the Russian population to Ukraineand check them for violations of the Criminal Code RF. Senator made such a proposal in a conversation with Federation Council Andrey Klimov.

“If a person heads an anti-Russian parliament in a state, does not leave his post and continues such activities, what else can you expect from him? – said Klimov. — I’m not a fan of entering into correspondence discussions with mad dogs. It is necessary to conduct dialogue with these people using completely different methods. The meaning of the SVO is precisely this: it is directed against such neo-Nazi manifestations. In the near future, I hope we will bring everything to an end and there will be no such manifestations.”

He also recommended that Russian law enforcement officers pay attention to Stefanchuk’s statement.

“There are signs described in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. From this position it is worth analyzing such statements,” the politician believes.

Previously Stefanchuk called infringe on the rights of Russian national minorities in Ukraine. “If this people does not show respect, but, on the contrary, carries out aggression against Ukraine, then their rights should be infringed in this regard. (…) Therefore, there are no Russian national minorities in Ukraine at the moment and there cannot be,” he said.

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