The State Duma reacted to the idea of ​​​​creating Intervision in Russia

Creating a normal competitive environment for pop artists, cinema workers, writers and athletes is the right practice, believes the first deputy chairman of the Committee State Duma by culture Alexander Sholokhov. This is how he reacted in a conversation with to the idea of ​​creating Russia competition “Intervision” as an analogue of “Eurovision”.

“I certainly support this initiative, like any initiative in sports and other creative areas. Because it turns out that a number of awards have ceased to fulfill the purpose that was originally postulated for them – to unite. Now, unfortunately, we clearly see that they do not unite, they separate. Moreover, by separating, they also impose different views, which, to put it mildly, are not acceptable to everyone,” the deputy said.

Earlier about the proposal to create a domestic analogue of the Eurovision song contest called “Intervision” reported minister of culture Olga Lyubimova. According to the general director Channel One Konstantin Ernst, there will be no political restrictions or influences in the competition. “We count on the active participation of countries BRICS (BrazilRussia, India, China, South Africa) and invite all other countries to join this initiative,” he said.

Eurovision 2018 participant, singer Yulia Samoilova in a conversation with spoke for creating an alternative show in Russia. She noted that no matter what the competition is called, the main thing for artists is that it is fair and non-political. “I think the idea is great. Let there be more platforms for implementation, let artists from other countries participate in them and win,” said the artist.

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