Officials may begin to be fined for excessive love for the use of anglicisms – officials will pay for their unwillingness to use Russian-language equivalents of foreign borrowings. The corresponding bill has already been submitted to the State Duma, said the first deputy chairman State Duma Committee on Culture Elena Drapeko.

The deputy believes that when a person is in Moscow, it seems to him that he got to the “occupied territory” because of the large number of announcements and signs written in a foreign language.

The parliamentarian drew attention to the fact that foreign words are too often found even in government documents.

“If you drive around Moscow, you may get the feeling that you are in the occupied territory. There are a lot of foreign-language announcements and signs that could be in the native Russian language. Even in state documents there are words that have Russian counterparts,” said Drapeko in an interview with the “Parliamentary newspaper”.

The initiator of the struggle for the purity of the Russian language at the state level was the Committee on Culture, Drapeko specified. The bill submitted to the State Duma will be considered on December 13.