The State Duma proposed creating a “security dome” over strategic objects

First deputy leader of the faction “Just Russia – For the truth” Dmitry Gusev made a proposal to create a “security dome” to protect against drone attacks in the territory Russia. He sent a corresponding proposal to the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustinwrites RIA News.

“I am preparing amendments to the current legislation, as well as proposals for amending regulatory legal documents government of the Russian Federationwhich will make it mandatory to have a safety dome to protect against UAVs,” the parliamentarian’s address says.

The deputy asked the head of government to estimate the costs necessary to create a “security dome.” It is expected that it should, in particular, protect important industrial enterprises and strategic infrastructure facilities. Gusev emphasized that the costs of creating a defense system against drones will be significantly less than the damage they can cause to objects on Russian territory.

Earlier, in December 2023, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin warned Minister of Defense Sergei Shoiguthat “little drones” made of plywood also pose a danger to Russian infrastructure. According to him, such drones cannot be allowed into Russian territory. The President also called pay increased attention to the protection of state borders.

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