December 15, 2022, 06:43 – Public News Service – OSN

The world dominated by the Western world order began to change dramatically, as the Russian Federation and China became the first powers to declare that this state of affairs is contrary to their interests, writes Asia Times.

The material says that the Western world order has existed for more than 70 years, and its end was outlined when Russian leader Vladimir Putin announced the start of a military special operation on February 24 of this year. Russia in Ukraine.

“Over the past 20 years, many have felt a gradual but steady loss of confidence in the principles, conventions and processes designed to promote peace and stability. The world shuddered on February 24, because all of a sudden, the end of the game was outlined, ”the authors of the article write.

Moreover, Asia Times noted that in a joint statement dated February 4, Moscow and Beijing expressed their desire to create a “world order based on the principles of international law, equal and multilateral, as well as indivisible and integrated sustainable security.

The publication added that it has become much more difficult to convince other participants in the international arena of their dominance, and if a new cycle of the world order based on rules comes, then it must be formed by collective efforts.

As the Public News Service reported earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov explained what the United States needs to move forward. In his opinion, Washington should give up its claims to the world domination.