January 8, 2023, 09:52 – Public News Service – OSN

Russian artist theater and cinema Tatyana Kravchenko became known to the general public thanks to her role in the comedy “Matchmakers”, which has been on screens for more than 10 years. Fans of the movie did not even suspect what kind of relationship the actors have behind the set.

Tatyana said that now they are connected with Fedor Dobronravov by real friendship. But, first, Kravchenko tried to take her on-screen husband out of the family.

“The devil beguiled! And how not to fall in love with him if we spend all the time in bed? According to the script, of course,” said Tatyana.

By the beginning of filming, Kravchenko already had two divorces, the actress was already desperate to find a man with whom she could be happy again. But the meeting with Dobronravov became her saving ray of light. The celebrity realized that she had fallen in love.

In an interview, she said that for his sake she went in for sports, took care of her face and tried to look younger, but Dobronravov was married and did not return Kravchenko’s feelings.

“It was the case, I even confessed to him my feelings, but he told me:“ What are you? It’s just a whim! Stage shooting! And I have a wife and two sons!” – Tatyana said and added that soon this love for Fedor passed from her, but her friendship with him remained.

Formerly Public News Service informed about the fact that actress Tatyana Kravchenko, who did not appear on the performance on January 4 and did not get in touch for two days, known to the viewer from the TV series “Matchmakers”, made herself felt.