January 5, 2023, 14:45 – Public News Service – OSN

Friends and colleagues of the star of the series “Matchmakers” Tatyana Kravchenko are concerned about the sudden disappearance of the actress. About this writes the publication “StarHit”.

On January 4, Tatyana was supposed to play a role in the entreprise “The Highlight of the Season, or All Tickets Are Sold” at the Palace of Arts in the Leningrad Region, but she did not arrive, unexpectedly disappeared for everyone and stopped communicating.

Kravchenko’s friends on the stage sounded the alarm, and her colleague Stas Sadalsky even offered to come to the actress’s apartment and break down the door. This extreme has been abandoned.

Kravchenko’s friends argue that the reason for her absence from the production is most likely the death of Ruslan Khasbulatov, chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. Colleagues noted that Kravchenko was very worried about this, since she had long-standing friendly relations with the deceased.

Formerly Public News Service informed about the fact that the documentary filmmaker, head of the “Cultural projects of the KSVO” Olesya Shigina spoke about the importance of making films about the special operation in Ukraine.