Together with his colleagues, he developed a stadium project with a capacity of no more than 30,000. To this day, it is constantly adjusting the materials for the construction of the area, which was also considered the home of the Czech national team, so that they could be used in case of need.

The proposed stadium is unique in that it now meets all the parameters of football associations FIFA and UEFAI know Petr Game in an interview for MF DNES in Sri Lanka with the name Nae Lunka, the high-ranking people connected with Lunky uncover the iconic Brno city.

You were born two years after the opening of the famous stadium. Did you spend a billion on football there?
Although I was not an asthma worker, I went to the bases. It was during the great glory of Zbrojovka when Karel Kroupa played for her and gave. It was very dark during my high school studies, and I even went there with my classmates.

How, as an architect, can view the surrounding area?
In general, the state is mainly in the city, but here is an interesting situation that the stadium still has the possibility of construction inside the city. Theoretically, from an urban point of view, this is not a full location, but in Brno, this academic location outside the city is not exactly true. It is connected to the supra-regional transport system, Lunky can be reached from the Krlovopol railway and so from the city center. The concept of the stadium corresponds to the idea of ​​a city amphitheater, as we also perceived with the whole darkness in the project in which we called it the Colosseum. So ask yourself if the location should not serve other elm. You could certainly build your flats there.

You have changed the proposal with which Atelir Brno won a competition for the reconstruction of the Lucky stadium. Why did you and your colleagues decide to go for it?
Because it’s a prestin back and it appealed to us. we said that the tender for the project we have to try to win mainly with a low price, which was finally done. It seemed a little simple, not in the end, but even so we enthusiastically designed the stadium in the highest category Elite for international events. It should potentially be a national football stadium.

You said you were inspired by the Moscow Colosseum. For?
Because football is to some extent a copy of the principle of bread and play to the present, and moreover, it is a relatively clean and even game, which is very similar in character to the amphitheater of ancient times. In nm divck kotel always pulled down people who went there for a pass. Well, footballers are in the cultural and humane levels of today’s world in a good sense of the word such modern gladiators.

Is it also a measure for you that the fans there are honored as if in gladitories.
Yes, a chord with a dark difference is that there is no blood in football. (laughs)

Jako p

You received capacity and pricing specifications from the city management, and you had to take into account the requirements of FIFA and UEFA. What was on the project the most?
They were various geotechnical and static things that the public usually lost. There is ground above the stadium, we had to catch it somehow. And then the stecha, is a rod rope construction with fli. It was very expensive and we had about 200 million after some dispute just for changing its geometry. But in the world, perhaps only those companies that insisted on the original high prices for business reasons, we also had to prove how the discount is. As with any project, it was important to reconcile the demands of the fire brigade, which also affects architecture.

And so you cooperated with the police and the Zbrojovka management …
From the police, they were very interested in everything, they went to the consultations and helped a lot. In the end, the police center and the cells of the detention center were placed in the project. The club talked about it and did some things, you know VIP. The cooperation was very collegial and supportive.

And what about the fan?
I was afraid that they would tend to succumb to what was then the construction of equilibrium construction in the world. But for our colosseum, they understood and supported him. Today, football is a dark year for the public, I met lkae or musicians who asked me what the stadium would look like and what it would be like. The people were far away from the rest, I did not expect, and the atmosphere was great.

Many football fans after the public project widely criticized the steepness of the stands and their distance from the hits.
Yes, that’s a lot. But if it is not a regional stadium, it must comply with all international regulations. The hit needs to be within a certain distance from the first edge of the girls. It wasn’t possible to do a dog, but we had it washed so that two series could be added. We got rid of the different stands in the lower grandstand and perhaps, except for the space behind the gate, all the rows were in contact without the barracks. They are separated mainly by age and space distance.

The construction of the arena was ruined mainly by property disputes between the city and the businessman Libor Prochzka. How about two architects who have nothing to do with it?
I’m sorry, but I’m also used to these situations. What influences him are professionals, so he can free himself from the influence that politicians and manaei are in charge of. Then Mr. Mayor Roman Onderka (SSD) had a big move to the goal and was determined to catch up. But some of the facts of the squirrel in the projects are simply unpredictable, so the city with certain entities will be added to the court.

Jako p

In 2016, she drank a kind of ance and you had to modernize the project. What did it say?
It was not a day of fundamental change. Modernization slept only in the fact that the grandstands were modified so that only their st. The rest of the underground parking area has also changed a bit, because it turned out that there are not so many of them needed. It also went to some commercial areas, otherwise the stadium remained as it was designed. Even after those eight years, it met all the parameters of FIFA and UEFA.

At that time, the city was led by a coalition with the mayor Petr Vokl (YES), the owner of Zbrojovka was new. Did their requirements differ compared to 2008?
Basically no, the owner of the club thought about some other possibility of using the underground space, you to the bowling alley. The city, in turn, was looking for controversial measures in relation to usability, ecology and operating costs. But I must honor that the back and forth approach were consistent. Thus, in the case of prominent public buildings, it should be the case that the political representation accepts what the previous one, despite the fact that you are opposed in the political battle.

However, even these efforts to restore the stadium put a stop to the property disputes. So wasn’t it all left over?
Even if you invest positive energy in it, it will work. I also don’t regret it. We did what we could, and the stadium is still ready to get out of here.

Would you like to do that too?
The second time it was just an abrasion. You would probably be far in demand for air conditioning, even for safety, but probably yes. The companies are under colleagues who have worked on the project and identify with them. I certainly couldn’t do it, but I think we could handle it again with the darkness.

You have spent several years working at the new stadium, you have been to the scene and you know the scenes. Do you think that Brno will ever have a new football stadium behind Lunky?
We are renewing the project at a minimal cost so that we can be prepared if the city decides to go to the tender with the stadium. If I didn’t think that the event was, I would wrap the two of them for the complexity of the project.