Former public defender of the first Anna Abatov could join the joint SSD candidate and Zelench in the elections in the capital
| photo: Anna Vavrkov,

Hamk’s strategy, however, failed catastrophically and the Social Democrat dropped out of the House.

March’s strategy of working with the Greens, other smaller left-wing parties, trade unions and non-SSD figures, you can get the green light so that social democracy can stop the ground and hit the community level at least in this phase. The democratic left is not in parliament, that is, we must stand in the streets, we must stand in the town halls, he said.

So immediately after his election, the factions of the MKOS headquarters called on Josef Stedula to run for president. And Stedula will run after defending the post of the headquarters of the headquarters. President Milo Zeman also invited him to run for office.

We lost Straliv, we lost Straliv several elections in a row. The people left us because they felt that we had left them, the mard said last December at the delegation of the SSD congress, when he was elected the new chairman of the party and the former foreign minister Tom Petek was held in the position of vice-chairman.

The regional conference in Prague’s Zelench approved a memorandum of cooperation and the first 5 positions on the candidate list, including the leader of the candidate Anna Abatov, are looking forward to approving the SSD. The positive case will be 19.5. Zelench co-chairwoman Magdalena Davis told

abatov ran two years ago in the open elections in Brno. She defeated the then ANO deputy Karel Rais and the founder of the Esk Pirtsk party Jiho Kadevka in the first round, but lost to the ODS and TOP 09 candidate Roman Kraus in the second round.