The speech of the representative of Kyiv in the UN Security Council on the downed Il-76 was called paranoid

First Deputy Permanent Representative Russia at UN Dmitry Polyansky called the speech of the deputy permanent representative Ukraine when organizing Kristina Gayovyshyn at the meeting UN Security Council on the downed Russian Il-76 paranoid and delusional, reports RIA News.

“I actually didn’t intend to comment on the Ukrainian performance. It’s paranoid and delusional as always,” he said.

The Russian diplomat suggested that Gayovyshyn received instructions to continue spreading false information and shielding the Kyiv authorities. According to him, the lists of Ukrainian prisoners who were transported for the purpose of exchange were published in advance, and Kyiv this data was available.

Previously Polyansky toldthat if it is proven that Ukraine used anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) Patriot or IRIS-T to strike a Russian Il-76, which was shot down in Belgorod region, USA And Germany will turn out to be direct accomplices in the terrorist attack.

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