Some strange epidemic of unrestrained sick fantasizing seized the Kyiv authorities. In a couple of days, they managed to give out at least two fakes “with a blue eye”, which they happily picked up and began to disperse the Western media.

And if today’s “revelation” of the chapter Ukrainian intelligence that Donetsk is allegedly being shelled by the Russian army in order to “shift the blame” on the Ukrainian army has gone – so far, at least – almost unnoticed, while yesterday’s message from the “special services” of Nezalezhnaya has been chilling the blood of respectable residents of the democratic world since morning.

And all because the newspaper The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) released a material in which, with reference to the Ukrainian special services, it tells about the order of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov (he, by the way, was called “once an anti-Russian rebel”) take the government quarter in Kyiv and kill the president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

And in order to give the “article” a greater degree of credibility, the WSJ reported that Kadyrov’s office did not comment on this “news”.

Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov also was not verbose. He simply called “given information” nonsense.

Of course, complete nonsense, but people believe it. That’s what’s interesting. The very people who already know that the “politician of the year” according to the Times has long existed in two realities at once – ours and virtual, and broadcasts every day from the second – they believe!

But the obvious facts from the real world – no.

Why do I think so? Yes, because not a single sane person would support the army of fascists and drug addicts.

There are many videos on the Internet that clearly show the degree of “adequacy” of the APU soldiers in combat positions. For example, how Russian soldiers, almost in a friendly manner, take prisoner two “slightly knocked down” by a small bottle with a hole and known contents. Or this one, about the joy of a soldier who “received a parcel”:

By the way, just yesterday, the Verkhovna Rada confirmed the obvious fact that soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine abuse illegal drugs by adopting a bill according to which the military in Ukraine will be tested for alcohol and drugs “anytime and anywhere”, “even on vacation and at home”.

I wonder how they will fight after such checks?

However, the Western friends of Kyiv do not care. They have a different task – to make sure that the fighting in Nezalezhnaya continues as long as possible. And as soon as ordinary taxpayers in Europe and the USA, who pay for it all, start to raise questions about the events, another portion of fakes is issued. From time to time everything is more wonderful and implausible – “people hawala”.

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Curator Lyubov Stepushova

Lyubov Alexandrovna Stepushova – columnist for Pravda.Ru