In recent days, the Spanish royalty has been in the eye of the hurricane, after discovering and making it known that the king emeritus Juan Carlos I, He has a daughter out of wedlock with Queen Sofia. From there, Operetta has been looking for the person responsible for leaking this secret, and it seems that they have finally found it.

In the past week, Spanish journalists David Fernandez and Jose Maria Olmo have released the most controversial book on the hidden secrets of the father of the current King Felipe VI, ‘King Corp’. This book has caused a stir in a matter of hours, as there is talk again of the alleged fourth illegitimate daughter that the former monarch would have had extramarital.

Faced with this situation, the Spanish royalty is once again between a rock and a hard place. The Queen Letizia knew that the arrival of his father-in-law could bring these consequences, since scandals and other controversies is what Juan Carlos I is most remembered for.

However, they have also decided to look for what could be the responsible of having leaked this news, being able to be someone very close to the former king of Spain.

According to the journalist Susanna Griso, The person who would have leaked the information is one of the former lovers of the emeritus, corinna larsen, his great love and that now could be his greatest enemy.

“The king’s mistress is Corinna. Corinna is the person with the most desire to intoxicate in this world about King Juan Carlos. I can assure you that many of the things that Corinna has said are lies… And she is one of the three sources,” said the presenter in Public mirror.

The program also assured that Corinna had already talked about the supposed fourth daughter of Juan Carlos with the King Felipe VI.

«We have contacted King Juan Carlos, who has denied that this is true. He told us directly: ‘They no longer know what to invent’ »

In this way, the Spanish royalty is once again being subjected to harsh criticism. The arrival of king emeritus if it has brought numerous problems, which will be quite difficult to solve.