The Spanish treasury, through the prosecutor’s office of that country, has brought to light the evidence that confirms that the Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira you did evade taxes for several years that you resided in Spain, despite the fact that the star stated that he did not live in the Iberian country.

Through years of investigation, the Spanish treasury has collected a large series of evidence that would confirm that Shakira lied regarding her statements where she stated that she did not live in Barcelona, ​​Spain, during the time where he did not declare any type of tax to the country.

The Tax Agency has been compiling this information for several years, based on the places that Shakira habitually frequented in Barcelona in order to demonstrate that she lived in the Spanish city and not in Bahamas, as previously stated.

In this sense, the Investigation team, which analyzed the case in a program that was re-broadcast this Friday on the iberian country, points out evidence that would give away the Colombian singer and refute the position that the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’ has tended all this time regarding the lawsuit it faces.

For now, the trial is expected to be rescheduled in the coming months of this year, where it will be known if the prosecution of that country will formalize a sentence for the singer, or if they will only force her to pay the million-dollar fine she has for tax evasion.

And you, what do you think of all this controversy that affects Shakira?