In the most recent chapter of the twenty-sixth season of the American series for adults South Parkfamous for pranking various Hollywood stars and international singers, the controversial royal couple, the prince harry and his wife Meghan Markle.

In the South Park animated series, it has always been a feature to caricature celebrities, referencing the controversial that they live, and it is that not many expected it, but the turn of the British nobility has arrived, and capturing the attention of the creators of the series due to the numerous situations and rumors that the royal family is experiencing.

The chapter is titled “The Worldwide Privacy Tour”, and it shows us a young man with reddish hair, and his dark-haired wife, who go so far as to promote their book “Waaagh” clearly referring to their self-bibliographic book “Spare«, and it is that at no time in the chapter do they mention that it is Prince Harry and Meghan, but it is not very difficult to know who the so-called characteristic characters.

According to local media in the American country, Meghan Markle would have seen the episode, he found it in very poor taste and dislike quite the jokes that were seen about his life in this chapter, since there were several controversies that appeared there, an anonymous from an entertainment medium says that Markle could be suing to the Comedy Central channel, who is responsible for broadcasting the South Park series.