Although for many debuting artists on the scene kpop, having been able to be part of the popular South Korean group of bts it would be a complete dream come true, for a youtuber it was not exactly that way. And it is that this South Korean content creator preferred to dedicate himself to making videos than to join the current septet that buys records worldwide.

During the year 2011, what we know today as HYBE, He took on the task of recruiting more than 30 young people to start training them in order to create what BTS is today.

Back then, many of those youths They were eliminated, others dropped out, and others took different paths other than being artists within the Kpop scene.

One of them was Kim Ji-hun, who currently has preferred to dedicate himself to being youtuber and create content before having been a member of Bangtan, although he himself accepted that at first it was difficult for him to accept it.

Kim Ji-hun stated that overcoming that part of his life has not been easy, so he has worked hard uploading videos on Youtube, in order to one day achieve the fame that he could have had as a member of BTS.

And you, would you have liked to be part of the South Korean Kpop group?