Jungkook, the youngest member and golden maknae from bts He is an expert conquering the hearts of his fans, so he does not hesitate to dedicate songs that make them all cry. What have been the songs that Jungkook dedicated to ARMY?

still with you

This song is one of Jungkook’s solos, with which the ARMY fell in love, because he wrote it and dedicated it to his fans as part of the celebration of the HOLIDAY 2020. Jungkook explained that he captured all the feelings he has for each of his followers around the world, so this song is not only special for the ARMY, but also for him.

10000 Hours

This is a cover that the Golden Maknae made of Justin Bieber, Jungkook dedicated this song to the ARMY as it talks about spending as much time as possible with that special someone. And for him, each and every one of his fans is that special person.

Happy Birthday to Me

Finally, during Jungkook’s last birthday, the Idol composed and wrote a song in a very limited time with the messages that ARMY sent him during the live broadcast he made. The idol dedicated them again to his fans to express his love for them and make it clear that there is nothing more important to him than ARMY.