The popular marriage among singers Camilo Echeverria Y Evaluna Montaner, is facing a series of differences that has led them to some discussions, which have been partly due to the recent situation they experienced with their non-binary baby Indigo, who suffered the leak of his face on social networks despite the fact that they had tried to hide it as much as possible. However, what would have them in a fight the most is their position on the gender they have given the baby, which they currently want to be “gender neutral.”

The television channel program Telemundo, ‘Al Rojo Vivo’, reported that Camilo and Evaluna have not been able to reach an agreement around showing the face of their non-binary baby Indigo. In addition to this, they have not reached an agreement as to the gender they want the baby to have.

It is important to remember that the couple decided to put Indigo to her baby, so that she would have a neutral name that would not identify her with any gender until she is older and decides that she feels comfortable and, above all, happy.

This position of the couple generated some criticism on social networks, since there are many people who consider that Indigo is just a baby and should be assigned to the gender with which she was born, that of a girl.

The couple has tried to keep the little girl’s face secret, but even so, the networks recently managed to obtain a photograph of the baby’s face. Her resemblance to Evaluna is truly amazing.

Meanwhile, Indigo will be one year old in a short time, and it is undeniable that despite the fact that many photos of her are not known, she is one of the most popular babies in all of social media.

And you, what do you think they should do? Eva Luna Y Camilo around the genre Indigo?