“The situation is stalemate” Zelensky advocated ending the conflict with Russia

The president Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky called for ending the conflict with Russiarather than freezing it. This is what he’s talking about stated during conversations with African journalists.

According to him, the frozen conflict represents a stalemate. “The same war, but without the ability to respond to the enemy, without hope for the future, without hope for investment,” he said, noting that Ukraine has been in this state since 2014.

A frozen conflict is like a volcano that is sleeping and will definitely wake up. We understand this beast, it will still regain its strength and move on

Vladimir Zelensky

Zelensky also stated that Kyiv cannot afford “any stalemate.” “We want peace. The ending may be different, some may like it, some may not, but it is necessary,” he concluded.

Zelensky again recalled his proposed “peace formula”

The President of Ukraine said that the conflict could end if the Russian side fulfills the terms of the “peace formula.” A ten-point proposal was announced them in November 2022. Zelensky’s demands included the restoration of “radiation safety” at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, the introduction of a price ceiling for Russian energy resources, and the expansion of the grain deal.

Photo: Alina Smutko / Reuters

Later the office of the President of Ukraine made public a document explaining all 10 points of the plan to resolve the conflict in the country. A separate item was highlighted “restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.” Kiev hopes to return the territories that were part of the republic at the time of the declaration of independence in 1991.

Russia considered Zelensky’s proposal a sign of unpreparedness for negotiations

Deputy Speaker Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev statedthat the “peace formula” proposed by Zelensky confirms Kyiv’s unpreparedness for negotiations. He emphasized that the peace plan of the Ukrainian side contains a demand for the complete surrender of Russia, which indicates the impossibility of holding negotiations at the present time. According to Kosachev, the Ukrainian authorities do not believe that such a demand can be the basis for negotiations.

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