The renowned singer Steven Tyler, rock band vocalist Aerosmith, He has been sued for alleged sexual abuse of a 16-year-old girl, which has currently generated a wave of comments of all kinds regarding this situation that the talented artist is facing.

American musician Steven Tyler was indirectly implicated in a sexual assault lawsuit, the result of an alleged relationship he had with a minor during the 1990s. 1970.

The magazine that has revealed this controversial complaint, highlights that in his autobiographical book ‘Tyler’ he narrates that he was about to marry a teenage girlfriend and that her parents signed a paper so that he would be the one with custody and thus not be arrested by the authorities.

The woman who sued him claimed to have had a relationship with the interpreter for three years when she was only 16 and he was 25. In addition, the woman claimed that they both met after their band Aerosmith gave a small concert in the city of portland, oregon, in the year 1973.

In the letter, the woman accuses the singer of coercing and persuading her to believe that the abuse was a romantic love affair. And it recounts how it was that Tyler took her to a hotel and performed various acts of criminal sexual conduct with her during the night they met, despite the fact that he was aware of the age of her claimant.

Once this happened, the young woman separated from him and traveled back to Portland to put that experience behind her and start a new life.

On the other hand, the demand for Julia Holcomb comes in the final days of the child victim law in the state of California, legislation that was enacted in 2019 and that lifted the statute of limitations and guaranteed survivors of child sexual abuse a grace period to file actions.

But now, the deadline to sign them is December 31, 2022. And after that, I don’t know they will be able to sign any document that will serve for later cases.

Until now, no representative of Steven Tyler has responded to the request for a reply, but we will have to wait for the moment in which the demand begins to develop.