The golden maknae of bts He has managed to leave everyone speechless ARMY with her slender figure. But through several photographs, what has been the shirtless photo of the Idol that has caused the most impact on social networks?

When we talk about a kpop idol world recognition is enough for him, we can talk calmly about Jungkook. The member of BTS is undoubtedly a very multifaceted young man, who demonstrates his great talent in the artistic field, but also his great physical attractiveness that makes him one of the most sought-after and desired personalities in social networks.

It is for this reason that every time photographs of the golden maknae without a shirt, the networks and the ARMY completely collapse. Although it is not usual to see the members of Bangtan in photos shirtless, there have been opportunities to see idols and Jungkook showing off their physical gifts.

And listing all the photos that have been seen of the Idol without a shirt, there is one that is undoubtedly the favorite of most of the ARMY, becoming a sensation at the time the image was published.

From this shirtless photo of Jungkook, it’s one that was apparently taken during a trip to the beach, in which the idol is completely shirtless and showing off his muscles. The same ones that melted all his fans for his exuberant beauty.

And you, what is your favorite photo of Jungkook shirtless?