Russia has again fired at critical infrastructure facilities in the peaceful cities of Ukraine.

The consequences of the strike on Kyiv on November 23, 2022

November 23 Russia again shelled Ukraine. Kyiv, Lvov and other cities were under fire. Almost the entire country was left without electricity. How celebrities reacted to this – read in the UNIAN material.

Anna Koshmal

The star of the Ukrainian series reminded that Russia is a terrorist country. She also said that something exploded next to her.

“There is a very loud explosion very close. The light is blinking and the windows are shaking,” Nightmare wrote.

Anna Koshmal's reaction / Screenshot

She also showed a screenshot of a message sent by a supporter of the “Russian world”. An unknown person accused Anna of “insulting” the Russians.

Reaction of Anna Koshmal Screenshot

Andrey Bednyakov

The star of the show “Eagle and Tails”, originally from Mariupol, spoke briefly. He wrote: “How do you zae …” and laid out a map of the island of Bali.

Bednyakov's reaction / Screenshot

Alyona Alyona

The artist wrote in her blog: “This is happening again. How many times have Russian missiles been flying at our cities. The genocide of the Ukrainian people continues. Take care of yourself and stay in shelters.”

The rapper also published shocking footage of the consequences of the shelling of Kyiv.

Alyona reaction Alyona / Screenshot

Tina Karol

The singer published on her blog a video from the place of arrival of the Russian rocket in Kyiv. The stars also reported that many cities were left without electricity.

Tina Karol's reaction / Screenshot
Tina Karol's reaction / Screenshot

Ekaterina Osadchaya

The star wished the Russian occupiers, who are shelling civilian Ukrainians, to burn in hell.

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The TV presenter stressed that this will not break our nation.

Tina Karol's reaction / Screenshot

Recall how the stars reacted to shelling of Ukraine on November 15.

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