the queen consort, Camilla Parkeris still in bed after testing positive for Covid nine days ago, while her husband, the King Charles IIIhas had a busy schedule filled with official visits to England without his company.

There has been much speculation about the state of health of Camilla Parker and although it was announced that she would reappear today in the company of the monarch and would restore her attendance on official visits, but this has not been the case.

Today, February 22, an official statement was made in which it was reported that although she would have already had an excellent recovery from Covid, the queen consort needed time to prepare for the following day’s commitments, so she would not be able to attend the event of today. This has left her health status in doubt and whether she is really in a position to fulfill her official commitments.

Despite the rumors, the media have not had access to any additional information about the health of the queen consort. While some suggest that she could be using her prep schedule as an excuse to continue to stay in bed, others speculate that she may still be dealing with Covid symptoms and needs time to recover properly.

The queen consort is expected to recover soon and be able to fulfill her official commitments in a short time. Meanwhile, the public remains attentive to the media for any news related to the state of health of Camilla Parker.