The sequel to Titanic that was a box office flop is now sweeping Netflix

This peculiar sequel to the film Titanic, by Canadian director James Cameron, was a total flop when it was released. However, and thanks to all the controversy that the implosion of the Titan submarine that killed its five crew members has generated, the tape is now sweeping the Netflix streaming platform.

In 2003 a kind of documentary film was released that narrated the events of the Titanic. And although its release was quite promising since it was considered a sequel to the 1997 film, it was not very popular and became a complete flop.

But now, thanks to what happened with the Titan submarine, it is being highly sought after on the Netflix platform, since a large part of the public has become interested again in this intriguing story of what is perhaps the most famous ship in history.

“Director James Cameron, accompanied by a team of historians, filmmakers, and scientists, explores the remains of the Titanic inside and out”, is the synopsis of this documentary that is on Netflix and that now enjoys great prominence.

The Titan submarine imploded near the wreckage of the Titanic. His destination was to visit the place where the ocean liner rests at the bottom of the sea. In the submersible, four billionaire tourists had paid $250,000 each to participate in this expedition.

This whole scenario has made headlines around the world very aware of what happened for the Titan to implode in such a tragic fashion. And in turn, the interest in The Titanic has also increased considerably, making this sequel to the James Cameron film gain popularity on Netflix and other platforms.

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